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Welcome to the Leadlight By Ettore Student Zone. This area is an ever evolving library of resources and information specifically of interest to our students. Scroll through or use our shortcut links below:

Tool List for Glass Arts | Skills of Glass Arts | Setup of a Leadlight/(Stained Glass) Panel | Anatomy of a Copper-Foil Lamp | Student Work

Tool List for Glass Arts

Do you need a pair of running pliers, lead dykes, or have to bring your own grinder? Whether you are new to glass arts or just wanting to check your tool kit is all in order have a look at the following graphic. New students please don't go out prior to classes and purchase all these items, instead bring along anything you already own that you think may be suitable and we will check them out for you, often you will not need to purchase items until you require them.

Infographic of Tools used in Glass Art classes at Leadlight By Ettore

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Skills of Glass Arts

As many students find glass arts very different to other arts they have tried previously often they can be apprehensive about the skills they require prior to attending classes, and the skills they will develop with the different glass arts offered by the Leadlight By Ettore studios. The good news is no skills are required prior to attending our classes as we will work with students to learn anything they require and assist where needed. The following graphic however shows the skills students can expect to develop while working in various glass arts.

Infographic of Glass Skills learnt in Glass Art classes at Leadlight By Ettore

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Setup of a Leadlight/(Stained Glass) Panel

Before you start work on your leadlight panel make sure you know what you will need to complete the project. Knowing what makes up the panel will make planning your projects easier. Our handy lead came information bubbles will also help to understand the lead came profiles and all the parts of each length of lead.

Graphic representation of the setup for a leadlight (stained glass) panel and information on lead came profiles and parts | Leadlight By Ettore

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Anatomy of a Copper-foil Lamp

If you are wanting to make your own copper-foil (Tiffany style) glass lamps but not sure what to call the other parts you may need when the glass work is finished check out our graphic. Knowing where your finial, harp, and spider all go may make the decisions on sizes and styles easier.

Graphic representation of the parts that make up a copper-foil lamp | Leadlight By Ettore

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Student Work

To see a selection of works created by Leadlight By Ettore's students visit our Student Work Pinterest Board or student works gallery. Any student wishing to join our shared board in order to upload your own pieces please follow us so we can add you.

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