Products from the Leadlight By Ettore studio

All our supplies are able to be purchased via our online store - students please note that you can have the items delivered with free shipping directly to class rather than posted by entering your class day in the discount code (eg; MONDAY)


* Glass Cutouts - System 96 glass cutouts.

System 96 fused glass cutouts - christmas treeSystem 96 fused glass cutouts - snowmanSystem 96 glass cutouts - gingerbread man

This kit is perfect for those who have a small home kiln, or access to a kiln, but do not have the resources or skills to cut a single piece background. Customise your pieces with glass paint, frit, stringers, scraps etc.

See the available glass cutout range online

* Glass Cutout Minis - Mini System 96 glass cutouts.

System 96 glass cutouts mini cloudsSystem 96 glass cutouts daffodilsSystem 96 glass cutouts balloons

These mini cutouts do not come with clear backing as they are suitable for use as decals and features on fused pieces or even in mosaics.

See the available glass cutout range online

* Mosaic Glass

red mosaic glass piecesyellow mosaic glass piecesblue mosaic glass pieces

Our mosaic glass packs are available in a range of colours or as larger mixed colour sets. Perfect for specific projects or just to stock up for those getting started in mosaic work.

See the full range of colours online

* Glass Cabochons/Mini Glass Cabochons - System 96 glass beads.

glass cabochons stripesglass cabochons blueglass cabochons red

Available in a range of single colours and one of a kind sets these beads are suitable for use in kilns or as details in beading or mosaics. Mini sets contain pieces smaller than 1cm round, perfect as eyes, buttons, or other details on glass pieces.

See the range of colours in our online store


* Slumped Bottles

Available as bowls and platters our recycled bottles come in a wide range of colours and sizes.

See the available range on Etsy

* Christmas Discs

star tree christmas ornamentchristmas wombatmadonna and child ornament

Our Christmas designs are sandblasted onto bevelled glass discs. With a new design available every year there is something to suit everyone's decorating style or you can collect them all.

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* Slumped Bottle Candles - Burn it, Wash it, Reuse it.

unburnt LBE FtB soy slumped bottle candle

Made from bottles reclaimed from waste we have repurposed them into a 20 hour burn time candle which can then be reused as a glass vessel.

Our bottle candles come in five scents including natural (no scent) and citronella, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

When the candle is burnt out any wax is easy to wash out with warm soapy water and then the bottle bowls are re-recyclable with a variety of uses including;

* key or coin trays * catchalls * jewellery trays * flat vases * soap dishes * spoon rests *

As the bottles are heat and cold tolerant, and food safe, they can also be used as serving trays or candle holders for tea-lights or other small candles.

Our candles are made in conjunction with a small family owned Australian company Feel the Burn Artisan Soy Candles and are made from an ethically sourced soy wax.

information sheet for LBE FtB soy slumped bottle candle

Burn it - the wax used in our candles is 100% Vegan, as well as organic, pesticide, VOC and petrochemical free making them a healthy and responsible choice to burn in your home.

burning LBE FtB soy slumped bottle candle

Wash it - warm soapy water to remove any residual wax, and then drain upside down. A dishwasher may be used for subsequent cleaning, but we recommend hand washing the first time to ensure wax is removed completely.

Reuse it - enjoy your new glass bowl for years to come.


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